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last updated at 2002-05-25 17:50
danbri: Semantic Web vision paper, v0.28 by Alexander Chislenko (an early use of the phrase 'semantic web')
danbri: I don't know if this came before tim's use. I asked him once but don't remember if he remembered. I don't think it matters much.
danbri: Navigate between airports (nodes id'd by airport code), where edges are flight paths offered by Star Alliance.
danbri: Also available: Air Canada. Thanks to for the links.
danbri: The home page currently has some more details of the XML used. Not clear yet how the timetables were scraped/acquired. permalink, discussion board.
danbri: Aha, the article links to some .xml files: star alliance and air canada. No info yet on how these were generated.
danbri: Similar app: Jos's N3 paris underground graph example from Euler. Also might be worth trying the path-finding tool from rdfweb/foaf that Damian and Libby worked on...? Anybody fancy RDFizing the XML files?
danbri: See also previous RDFIG discussion of whitehouse.* site and (spurned) RDFWeb student project proposal.
sandro: that's a hoax, right? (hard to tell; what convinces me is the DNS records.)
deltab: BBC News story on it - the best bit is at the end
danbri: Nice detectiving :)
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