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last updated at 2002-05-22 22:29
jonb: Tarski's meaning of Truth
DanCon: by John McCarthy, 1998 July 18
DanCon: apropos google-kharma for WG credintials, and other fiarness/reputiation stuff discussion
p2p CVS
DanCon: see dicussion
Seth: but dont't try it right now .. seems to overloaded because of slashdot article
500 points for scraping the RDF issues list
DanCon: neglected to chump this yesterday, when screen scrapers came up.
DanCon: you'll need the issues list, of course
jhendler: is there a particular ontology/schema to use to claim bounty, or will anything close do for partial credit?
DanCon: no particular ontology is essential to claim the prize. Bonus points for surveying existing work, though.
DanCon: e.g. work by timbl/ian on formalizing TAG issue tracking
DanCon: invoke ala the test in cwm_test sameDan.n3 "dealing with multiple descriptions of the same thing using log:lessThan, log:uri, daml:equivalentTo" sameDan.n3 sameThing.n3 --think --apply=forgetDups.n3 --purge
DanCon: i.e. cwm sameDan.n3 sameThing.n3 --think --apply=forgetDups.n3 --purge
DanCon: I offer a 200 point bounty for a 1-page write-up of "reasoning with equality in N3"
danb_lap: Anyone else got a windows box to test this on? commandline only, no drag'n'drop fancyness.
danb_lap: Next things of interest -- figure out how to install berkeleydb package in cygwin, see if that works with redland, and then find out why the ruby wrapper isn't working.
sandro: very nice
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