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last updated at 2002-05-21 21:45
danbri: I can't find a single sentence I agree with in this. Sentence 3 comes closest...
Seth: another visual description of web vs cloud
danbri: Alpiri/TAP Reverse Template Engine
danbri: A screenscraping config format
danbri: Looks better than sherlock-based approaches at pulling structured data from docs.
danbri: MyCroft: Mozilla support for Sherlock Plugins
DanCon: re "it never hurts anything", not true. It hurts my confidence in the system; made me wonder if my machine has been cracked.
DanCon: where's Ping's recent paper about security and user interfaces?
Seth: looks like a winner?
Seth: a waykewl ontology browser
libby: just went to a talk at XMLEurope on rewriting RSS in ICE
libby: it seems that they mostly mean rss 0.91 but they have also been talking to rss 1.0 people about it (and Rael dornfest has implemented it
libby: the result will not be RDF though, so I'm not sure what's in it for RSS 1.0ers
libby: apparantly ICE is extensible (though not using namespaces). Its a protocol too, not a documents format. wonder what they're up to...
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