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last updated at 2002-05-16 20:55
DanCon: ""
timbl765: ooops
DanCon: 16May from Jeremy Carroll
edd: Kendall Clark reviews the RDF Primer
kendallc: I owe the title to some time spent in the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, last week, during Camp Monkeyfist. #rdfig regular Bijan was there, as were friends Niel and Dru. Very inspiring.
jhendler: freeware utility for changing file/folder permissions from a Mac window instead of going to Unix
jhendler: apologies for posting this "non-RDF" message, but this is quite useful for
jhendler: those people playing with remote access and distributed trust on our OSX boxes.
jhendler: an article by Ed Dumbill on the Sem Web
jhendler: told me he wrote it at 5:00AM - doesn't read like that :->
jhendler: One of the most striking differences between the Eleventh International World Wide Web conference (WWW2002) and its previous edition in 2001 is the large increase in activity related to the Semantic Web.
bijan: Edd also wrote up some comments about TBL's keynote.
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