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last updated at 2002-05-14 20:46
Tools to validate an RDF doc against an RDF schema
dajobe: sesame
dajobe: RDF Suite from ICS-FORTH
dajobe: more can probably be found at the DAML site
dajobe: "A published subject is any subject for which a subject indicator has been made available for public use and is accessible online via a URI. A published subject indicator is therefore any resource that has been published in order to provide a positive, unambiguous indication of the identity of a subject for the purpose of facilitating topic map interchange and mergeability."
dajobe: online ?
larsbot: That definition is being replaced
dajobe: in that case the TC page needs updating to show that
larsbot: true; N0299 is very recent
larsbot: <larsbot> note that it is a very early draft
JibberJim: BBC radio news program focusing on how google might make money from iself.
JibberJim: Real Audio version
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