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last updated at 2002-04-26 18:14
AaronSw: Part of SWAD IRC fun
AaronSw: Oops, currently only for W3C members...
bijan: Although they are boosting Mozilla.
bijan: """In the beginning there was one Web browser. It was called Mosaic, and if you didn't like it you could go back to watching Murphy Brown, or whatever it was we did before we had the Web."""
bijan: I'll leave it to the dweebs to point out the errors in the fist clause. But clearly, what we did before the Web was read and send email (or netnews).
bijan: But the kicker:
bijan: """Then Microsoft started giving away Internet Explorer, Mosaic turned into Netscape, and suddenly life was complicated."""
danbri: Thanks to Dave for help with this (configure/make/autoconf and other mysterious voodoo...)
danbri: You need the latest SWIG (from their CVS) to get it running. And Redland from CVS.
dajobe: I got 'make test-ruby' on example.rb working, not by learning ruby but by reading your code
danbri: "transcribed" by J. Blustein <>
sbp: "This note describes an experimental software development in which RDF/N3 is used to code query and report generation functions performed on RDF data." also: Python code
sbp: The N3 parser is interesting - uses some outdated forms and introduces some strange new directives, but a new approach is always welcome
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