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last updated at 2002-04-25 22:35
bijan: Must hook up jon borden to parka and try to make this happen over the next year...
bijan: Oo, Tim Bray beat me to it, possibly.
bijan: Rather specifically metadata focused, afaict.
sbp: Last Modified: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 16:08:39 GMT
bijan: He has a section entitled "Decentralize Data, Centralize Metadata". Interesting.
bijan: Hmm. I saw this link on XML-DEV in a, well, "bash the W3C" thread. Of coruse, if you filter all of those out from XML-DEV, there's not a whole lot left :)
bijan: Oops. I got to the bottem just before dajobe wrote: "scroll down to the bottom bijan"
bijan: If you scroll down to the bottom and think I was chumping for the sake of the other prominent members of this channel, er... you'll conclude that I wasted my time so chumping :)
bijan: Let me add that I would be a must more generally presentable, gaffe free person if I ran everything through dajobe first. When I become fabulously rich, I'm hiring him to be my personal nanny :)
dajobe: talk Aaron gave in MIT
AaronSw: molding the young minds of the future
AaronSw: why is there no provision in rdf for this? (well there sorta was one, but rdf core threw it out)
AaronSw: it seems necessary for serious semantic web services
jonb: right'o, that's the current issue that WebOnt has been struggling with so hard and so long
MarkB: it should have been in XML too. And XHTML Modularization. I tried to get it into the latter, but it was too late
sbp: When you introduce a new property with a cardinality restriction > 0, that seems like a mandatory extension to me
sbp: Although it depends upon your application groking cardinality restrictions. EricP and I chatted about this briefly just yesterday
AaronSw: by Paul Prescod
AaronSw: another beautiful piece from PaulP
AaronSw: "Google also moved it to an inferior technical platform, SOAP RPC running over HTTP POST. On many mailing lists, weblogs and discussion groups the reaction was mixed. It felt like one step forward and two steps back"
AaronSw: Please sign the petition for a RESTful API
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