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last updated at 2002-04-23 23:00
bijan: I wouldn't advise builing your inference engine around these forms.
bijan: I add Prescod's: "Thousands of pepole have heard this claim, p, and not one has disputed it. Therefore, p."
bijan: (All due fairnes to Paul, it's not clear he means this as a proof. It just fits the form. :)).
bijan: Ok, I don't actually know how it comparse to Blindfold, but it does seem a bit similar. Also a bit like Scheme/Dylan macros, but using BNF rather than sexpr/Dylan syntax as source.
danbri: Outlines what a SOAP Encoding-specific schema language might do, particular focus on the SOAP Encoding container constructs (arrays) and the difficulty of describing them in XML Schema.
bijan: July 29th-August 1st, 2002, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
bijan: Includes a talk by David Warren on tabled logic programming, and a workshop on Paraconsistent Computational Logic.
bijan: Other cool stuff too. Too bad I'm not going (hint to any wealthy bored folks who want first hand reports from a reasonably experienced logician and logic programmers).
bijan: Look at the sidebar (but here's a direct link to a zip of the facts.
bijan: Note that is is from 1999.
bijan: There's an HTML version, check out this factbook description of Bassas da India, an often-underwater atoll.
bijan: If you ever get to use this post to win a point in Trivial Pursuit, please drop me a note!
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