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last updated at 2002-04-22 21:48
bijan: Best bit:"Hype and confusion being, of course, the lifeblood of Silicon Valley, I was not at all surprised to see a few VCs in the crowd (as the woman next to me pointed out, you can tell the VCs because they're so ... Tall. It's weird, they really are)."
bijan: Is there a lot of Sematic Web hype? On what scale? Web Services have plenty of detractors, but also plenty more hype.
bijan: The "three things he learned" bit is interesting too.
bijan: 1) "yes, the Semantic Web is in fact a big deal", 2) "it is also 5, 10, maybe 20 years away from practical reality", and 3) "it might never happen at all. it's just too early to say".
AaronSw: Neat. One interesting thing McCool told me was that he really grokked the Web when people started including URLs in their .sigs -- then you could jump from their email to more information about them. I wonder if there's a similar thing we can do for the Semantic Web. Probably something RDFWeb-related.
AaronSw: by Adam Bosworth, BEA
AaronSw: "I will focus on the idea of loose coupling and one of its important implications for Web services: the need to think of SOAP XML messages as documents, not as remote procedure calls (RPC)."
AaronSw: Wow, so close to REST...
MarkB: You mean so close to POST 8-) BEA has discovered EDI with SOAP. They're missing GET and PUT.
bijan: """The only real success story to date in the world of loose coupling is the Web itself. When people change the implementation of their sites, often in very fundamental ways, the browser continues to be able to browse the site."""
bijan: But all your scrapers break, horribly.
bijan: Thus the promise of the Semantic Web (SW) is that your scrapers will work always and forever, at least as well as your browser (uh...).
bijan: This is similar to the promise of Web Services (WS), but, as you can see by the initials, they get some things backwards :)
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