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last updated at 2002-04-03 20:50
dajobe: and namespaces in XML 1.1 requirements
dajobe: seems to only add ability to undeclare namespaces
dajobe: thanks to xmlhack article
DanC_jam: -- refurbishing the HTML 2.0 spec materials
DanC_jam: see the postscript at the bottom of the Makefile for usage info
MarkB: my attempt to help the Web Services Architecture WG understand them
MarkB: (the two paragraphs mentioned are at the bottom)
What to do with all the bandwidth of an MIT located workstation at your disposal:
hBijan: (Ideas for DanC.)
hBijan: 1) Backup Napster.
hBijan: 2) Wow, I'm stuck. I guess I don't care about bandwidth anymore.
hBijan: 3) Ok, here's one: Download the fragment of Google supplied for the Google contest.
hBijan: But this is still part of the "download big things".
sandro: Upload your braiin. :-)
sandro: SemanticCamera
hBijan: Eek! The last makes me wonder how far off webcams with automatic facial recognition hooked up to a co-depiction database is.
hBijan: The Global Brain (registered tradmark of danbri) is Watching You.
hBijan: danbri (the referent; note the lack of mention quotes) is a registered trademark of the League of Those Who Do Not Like Trademarks.
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