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last updated at 2002-02-27 23:02
AaronSw: a proposal from Aaron Swartz and Sandro Hawke
AaronSw: We feel this will be a useful phone-based off-shoot of Interest Group discussion fora like #rdfig and www-rdf-interest
bijan: I had forgotten about this. I've been overusing assert/retract in CWMClone. This will help with a bunch of things, including tracking variables.
jhendler: free version available from Business Week on-line
jhendler: See all the misquotes for yourself
jhendler: and note that we'll have the sem web done by 2005.
bijan: Note: I got a lot of flak for saying in my first Prolog and RDF article that the SW is AI, even though I have a nice, modest conception of what that means.
bijan: From this article (and the SciAm one), clearly I should have gone overboard!
AaronSw: good summary of TimBL's talk
danbri: Chumped so I can find it again, and because I try out a new 'argument' on Jan. Not sure he was impressed though...
danbri: Short version: Q: can an rdf/xml document that draws on non-referring URI-strings ever be true?
a quick-n-dirty SQL RDF python query service
DanC: design notes...
DanC: kinda like imap query thingy
DanC: aha... python distutils: home install scheme
DanC: trying MySQL for Python
DanC: aha... Python Database API v2.0
DanC: aha! got a database connection from python.
DanC: see notes
mnot: originally discussed as mirroring Python's time.* functions, but that didn't seem such a good idea on reflection; many are based on localtime, which introduces machine-specific context.
mnot: So this ends up being just versions of strptime and strftime.
mnot: right now, it specialises in HTML scraping using XPath expessions (was bespoke coded for DanCon ;).
mnot: requires PyXML (recent; after the 4Suite fold-in)
mnot: comments, suggestions appreciated.
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