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last updated at 2002-02-26 23:07
jhendler: based on "running SHOE" written by Jeff Heflin. Aditya Kalyanpur
jhendler: has implemented a version which can build RDF from web pages.
jhendler: site contains screen shots and code for download.
jhendler: will be announced on RDF-IG sometime soon, wanted to give this group
jhendler: first shot at it.
JibberJim: Sample EARL RDF
DanC: a datatyping proposal
DanC: "This is the only way in which an RDF triple can be contradictory." <- hmm... doubt it. Lots of things can be layered on RDF, just like datatypes.
sandro: Agreed. I assume he means this is the only layer that's part of the "core" which can do that. I think the notion of "core" needs to be carefully rethought. The innermost layer should have no vocabulary (URI-References), for instance.
mnot: dunno if this has already been found, but it seems that it might be interesting to use as a data source.
mnot: Especially the Edgar stuff, to do something along the lines of FOAFCorp/TheyRule.
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