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last updated at 2002-02-24 02:06
AaronSw: BusinessWeek, March 4, 2002. Requires paid subscription.
AaronSw: Glossy 5-page with juicy TimBL bio and graphical explanation of the Semantic Web featuring "Binary Man".
AaronSw: Analyst at the Giga Information Group complains: "My sense is [W3C staffers] are too visionary. They're devoting too much time to the Semantic Web, believing it will change the world yet again, and not enough effort to less sexy things that are important to business in the near term [i.e. web services]."
AaronSw: [On TimBL] "He won't talk much about his private life, but he admits to feeling a tug from the theater. While at CERN he helped out backstage at the Geneva English Drama Society and played bit parts, including Nana, the dog in Peter Pan. That's where he met his future wife, Nancy Carlson, a software analyst from Fairfield, Conn."
AaronSw: Danny Hillis: "It will be a chicken-or-egg situation until a killer app comes along---but I'm very confident that that will happen."
AaronSw: Robert Cailliau: "I think Tim does not like the role [of leading a big outfit like the W3C]. He is more comfortable with a small team [and] joining in the fun of writing actual code."
AaronSw: Tim's first computer was "cobbled together at Oxford using an old TV set and a microprocessor from Motorola" because "he was banned from using Oxford's computer. He and a friend were nabbed hacking it."
AaronSw: His favorite acting role was Nana: "We threw candy to the kids and we had six people flying through Never-Never Land on ropes."
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