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last updated at 2002-02-22 19:33
AaronSw: "As it happens, out of the 506 w3c members, only eighteen have web sites that validate with the w3c validator as either html or xhtml. 141 members proudly display sites with definite markup errors; a whopping 342 sites couldn¹t be tested at all because of lacking dtd definitions. Sad."
AaronSw: Ooops. Permalink to this story.
dajobe: survey I did of UK web sites inc SGML validation, HTML features, ...
AaronSw: With a whopping 6.5% valid, it seems
AaronSw: We love you Paul!
AaronSw: With this, Paul Prescod's second great article, I hereby bestow upon him the high honor of nominated Web Architecture Hero. In this, he joins mnot and MarkB.
em: "The best part about REST is that it frees you from waiting for standards like SOAP and WSDL to mature. You do not need them. You can do REST today, using W3C and IETF standards that range in age from 10 years (URIs) to 3 years (HTTP 1.1).
AaronSw: Ssh! Don't tell anyone -- it's all high-tech.
AaronSw: yeah, that's it. very high-tech.
jonb: relevent to graph transforms, representing math ops as graph
Seth: not the same as Petri Nets
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