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last updated at 2002-02-13 21:10
representing email in RDF (redux)
DanCon: cf XMTP, DanC's notes
jonb: from DanC's notes: hm... the namespace name, isn't very useful for finding out about it. Sigh.
jonb: that is fixed now
jonb: Paul Prescod's article on REST and Web Services
jonb: RF's thesis should be required reading for understanding URIs and resources (IMHO)
sandro: NTTP? Typo for NNTP, I guess?
jonb_ofc: this may be particularly relevent
jonb_ofc: [[
jonb_ofc: Defining resource such that a URI identifies a concept rather than a document ...
jonb_ofc: ]]
danbri: Early influential piece on XML and Java
DanCon: not much going on yet, but if work picks up, I'd like to see this connected with www-rdf-calendar
danbri: Me too; I've backburnered my interest in this area for way too long. Can anyone join a DAML list?
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