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last updated at 2002-02-12 23:28
AaronSw: "Jena is Java toolkit for developing semantic web applications. It includes an RDF API, ARP, an RDF parser used for the W3C semantics web sandbox, RDQL an RDF query language and processor and a DAML API."
AaronSw: Most interesting is probably the CVS repository.
DanCon: Splint is a tool for statically checking C programs for security vulnerabilities and coding mistakes. Splint 3.0 is the successor to LCLint 2.5.
DanCon: GPL. binaries provided for Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Win32.
danbri: by Jacco van Ossenbruggen (CWI, Amsterdam)
danbri: Art Barstow just pointed me at this. Users RDF for adapting content to specific devices. Haven't investigate yet...
AaronSw: Eric Miller and Tim Berners-Lee star in the Semantic Web's first home video. It's fun for the whole family. All your favorite characters and diagrams are back plus some brand new ones!
AaronSw: Probably easiest to look at things all on one page
sbp: """BT Group PLC will appear in a New York federal court on Monday to try to enforce a patent it says covers all hyperlinking. BT claims it invented the hyperlink in 1976, and anyone who uses the World Wide Web owes them money."""
sbp: They should read A Little History of the World Wide Web: """Ted Nelson coins the word Hypertext in A File Structure for the Complex, the Changing, and the Indeterminate. 20th National Conference, New York, Association for Computing Machinery, 1965."""
sbp: :
sbp: Also covered in The Guardian
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