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last updated at 2002-01-24 22:26
bijan: ...rules.
bijan: Bring back intuitionism!! :)
DanC: I should probably link this from "The Semantic Web as a language of logic"
DanC: but I find chumping easier, and backlinks are becoming just as useful as links, thanks to google.
sandro: What I find astounding is how it languished for 60 years because of personalities!
bijan: Hmm. Has it languished? There are a lot of "sneakily constructive" programs.
bijan: "Experience shows that the restriction to intuitionistic logic always forces mathematicians to work in a manner that, at least informally, can be described as algorithmic;"
bijan: "so algorithmic mathematics appears to be equivalent to mathematics that uses only intuitionistic logic."
bijan: That's an interesting claim.
sandro: I wasn't saying it has languished but that it did, from 1907 to 1967, according to that source.
bijan: Hmm. Well, I meant "did it really languish?"
bijan: I'm not sure that it's just because of personalities. Remember what else was going on in mathematics during those 60 years!
sandro: Sounds like it to me, from that article. Not that algorithmic thinking did, of course.
bijan: Well, that article seems to me a touch biased :) But I might also just hold that if it did languish, it wasn't merely because of personalities.
bijan: And in the philosophy world, it certain has had proponants all the way. And constructive proofs have always been highly desirable.
dajobe: finally makes it to the web :)
dajobe: MIME Types for rdf/xml anyone?
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