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last updated at 2002-01-18 22:59
DanCon: February 4-7, 2002 Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Alexandria, Virginia
DanCon: slt=38.804699&sln=-77.047203 (per
DanCon: who's going?
DanCon: by Mike Dean
DanCon: uses Jess... bummer.. Jess isn't OpenSource
DanCon: I do about half as many trips, and I think I have fewer sources (original receipts, visa statements/website, quicken records, expense reports, maybe tax records)
DanCon: see also: FractalAccounting, quacken
DanCon: oops
DanCon: found from IANA stuff when looking up urn:ietf
DanCon: "need not be standards-track"
DanCon: doesn't that pretty much undercut the whole idea that URN nid registration is managed?
mnot: just for fun; the citations for RFCs (and other standards) are available as XML; this is a first cut at translating them to n3
mnot: warning: it's 3 Meg. comments, useful applications, etc. encouraged.
DanC: compare/contrast with and...
DanC: hmm... odd to use XSLT to produce RDF/n3; seems more straightforward to produce RDF/xml, no?
DanCon: ... rfc-index-scraped.n3, rfc-index-scraped.rdf (not kept up-to-date)
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