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last updated at 2002-01-17 21:08
DanC: see also layering thread; e.g. TimBL 17 Jan
bijan: "range and domain in RDFS"
bijan: "C++ (vs ML or FORTRAN)"
bijan: And everyone's favorite: "reification in RDF"
bijan: The only one not to get an explication on this slide :)
bijan: But, his presentation on Representation and a Proposal for WebOnt is very much worth reading. Seems accessible (though I'm not a good judge).
DanC: minutes in progress. not finished, but getting there
bijan: By Kendall Clark.
bijan: Some decent SemWeb pimping (or bashing, depending on your sensitivities :)) in passing. It's good, now and then, to come back to HTML.
bijan: "Since the W3C's long-term vision for the Web was always something like what is now called the Semantic Web, machine-processable documents with domain-specific semantics have always been perpetually just over the horizon."
bijan: "But the goal of an extensible Web lingua franca wasn't only a residue of AI-dreams in the brains of the Web's creators. Eventually a sense of frustration emerged among content creators, too."
bijan: That's worth a giggle :) But he did link to the W3C's Semantic Web page.
bijan: Oops, that's a broken link. I'll have to mention that to him :)
bijan: No, "items" property.
AaronSw: :RSS 1.0 has no items property.
AaronSw: :Err, ignore previous statement.
bijan: HAHAHAH
bijan: Plus, you're hung either way, the RDFS schema has an items property
AaronSw: It's in the schema, I don't know why DAML didn't pick it up. I guess their crawler is broken.
AaronSw: Either way, it is so not my fault.
bijan: Interesting, though, that your first defensive move was to deny manifest facts :)
AaronSw: This is new? You clearly need to spend more time around RSS 1.0.
bijan: around rss1.0? Or around you :)
dajobe: by Patrick Stickler, Nokia Research
dajobe: Addressing schemes by Dan Connolly, autogenerated from RDF/n3
dajobe: RFC Index in RDF/xml
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