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last updated at 2002-01-05 18:11
AaronSw-UK: The current advice I've received from my friend on WhatToDo.
AaronSw-UK: Cyc is a runner-up for Lazarus Award for Seemingly Doomed Yet Surprisingly Persistent Initiative
AaronSw-UK: RDF wins Most Inappropriate Use of XML
AaronSw-UK: HumanML wins HyTime Award for Specifications with Secret Hidden Powers with OPML and Topic Maps as runners-up.
AaronSw-UK: Edd's advice for the HumanML team: "Perhaps they should start by enforcing global usage of the <title> tag in HTML documents, a hard enough task."
AaronSw-UK: Nobody won Best Practical Use of the Semantic Web. Better luck next year.
AaronSw-UK: Meanwhile, "what we're really hearing is that the TM and RDF folk just have to figure out a way of declaring victory for both sides and then carry on just as they were. The sooner the better."
sbp: A hint of praise for N3: """The W3C doesn't go away empty-handed from this category, however: the award goes to RDF, a syntax so mangled that its prime advocates have invented a non-XML syntax for it just to make it usable."""
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