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last updated at 2002-01-02 21:56
edd: RDF is very poorly (again) represented here, and I'd like to see more of it!
dajobe: Barcelona, in the summer
AaronSw-UK: Edd wants you to submit a paper.
dajobe: I will
danbri: If only I hadn't retired from public speaking...
edd: you ever started?
danbri: You blinked!
RDF History & Prior Art For RDF
sbp: Jonathan Borden, "Semantic Network Simulation of Events (SENSE). Modelling Neurochemical Networks in the Brain" Amherst College, 1984
jhendler: ["An Overview of the KL-ONE Knowledge Representation System", R.J. Brachman and J. Schmolze, Cognitive Sci 9(2), 1985].
sbp: (from DanBri) XGraph and WWW: then and now
sbp: ENQUIRE, cf. history item in www-archive
jhendler: I note that there is a link/mode KR diagram on the cover of the 1975 book "Representation and Understanding" by Bobrow and Collins which includes Woods' "What's in a Link paper. This in turn cites Woods 1967 PhD thesis. Also reminds me that Quillian's 1968 "Semantic memory" paper also has nodes/links (although I cannot remember if he labeled the links)
sbp: CyberMind for the AppleII, cf. CMap vs. SEM
sbp: """Carpenter, who has a master's from Cambridge and a Ph.D. in computer science from Manchester, joined IBM in 1997 after 20 years at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, where he helped pioneer advanced Internet applications during the development of the World Wide Web."""
AaronSw-UK: "A great leap forward in computing is possible through an Information Operating System. An IOS deals directly with information without regard to its location, structure, format or the prejudice of its author. This last item is of critical importance."
sbp: :It seems that Uche has also got a little New Year's RDF Patent Package
DanC: see also patent item yesterday
danbri: I started to hack his XSLT to output N-Triples, then realised I don't know enough XSLT yet. Help welcomed! (I just mailed Jason...)
danbri: (the WWW Proposal and RDF: Then and Now), Dan Brickley Nov 1999.
DanC: see also my transcription of the 1898 proposal , resulting SVG diagram
DanC: in circles and arrows tools
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