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last updated at 2001-12-29 22:13
AaronSw-UK: "I'm considering adding a bit of structure to allow us to convey more information about certain properties, e.g., a creator has a title, relation, related resources, and potentially other properties rather than being a simple string literal. This also allows logically multivalued properties to be repeated unambiguously."
RDF/ical conversion
DanC: e.g. some stuff in java
libby: by Daniel Resare of Metamatrix
libby: Daniel said to me: "I've now prepared a GPL release of the code that
libby: from Daniel: "... available from in /pub/
Christmas Cards, Address Books, and Maps
DanC: the scenario: make a log of incoming personal correspondence; generate mailing labels for outgoing christmas cards from it.
DanC: along the way, capture family-tree info, info about weddings, births, get-togethers, etc.
DanC: maybe project people onto a mapa
DanC: hmm... integrate old palm address data? export vcard info?
DanC: see also: poolgame project and cyc time vocab and cyc geography stuff
DanC: cyc's addressText property munges all the text together; I need at least two fields (street address, city-state-zip) to make labels
DanC: any open source tools to make mailing labels from vcard data?
DanC: I used Label Nation for an earlier mailing-label project
DanC: this is just what I need! a service to map zip codes to lat/long
DanC: so I can map my addressbook on the globe
DanC: sigh... the new interactive service uses javascript and crashed my browser (galeon)
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