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last updated at 2001-12-20 21:47
AaronSw: :Plans and notes from the RDF Core Primer subgroup
DanC: I like the idea of using photo metadata as the running example
DanC: I hope the reader sees the user-scenario up front, and needn't read the background/theory/model/schema stuff unless curious
AaronSw: Me too.
DanC: time-to-live on this thing? i.e. if it hasn't been touched in 2 weeks, should I still believe it?
bijan: I don't, think there should be a good 500 pages of extremely technical stuff up front, before anything remotely useful or intelligible is shown.
AaronSw: Most of us drop off the map Friday and don't come back for who-knows-how-long, so ask us about timing after we come back.
bijan: Reverse psychology? Or did someone try this with the XML Schemas folks already?
DanC: is who-knows-how-long measured in days, weeks, or months?
sbp: days/weeks
AaronSw: I get back Jan 8, for example.
MarkB: "some thoughts on making HTTP a more friendly place for SW stuff"
JibberJim: FAQ on MD5
sandro: "A strongly collision-free hash function H is one for which it is computationally infeasible to find any two messages x and y such that H(x) = H(y)."
AaronSw: <smile size="big"/>
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