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last updated at 2001-12-18 23:45
DanC: I was noodling on possible-worlds semantics, but largely abandoned it in favor of...
DanC: ... a 1st order approach w/quoting [@@pointer pending]
DanC: 1st order approach: a formal design for RDF/N3 context/scopes Sep 06 2001
DanC: a google search for connolly/proof check/rdf-logic yields some stuff I wrote to DrewM a while back
dajobe: all royalty free licensing except for one
danbri: Chumped so I can find it again.
danbri: I tried to write up what I've learned about useful ontology/schema language features, constrained to a specific use case (photo metadata).
danbri: Would be nice to do a tidier job, but felt the need to try something...
DanC: hmm... how often is it updated? anybody know?
DanC: maybe I should get W3C to keep copies
danbri: Edd tells me "this archive will be updated at midnight every night"
DanC: does it grow without bound? I'd suggest cutting it off every year or so
dajobe: 18 December 2001 edited by me
dajobe: a stake in the ground; lots more to do
SW Hints and Tips
sbp: Ideas for the Hints and Tips guide, soon to be an RDF Cookbook (?)
sbp: Use UUID if you don't have any decent Webspace | ":p :q :r, :s ." vs. ":p :q (:r :s) ." | s/validate/check well-formedness/
sbp: Stop ending namespaces with ".daml"/".rdf"
sbp: Managed to scrape (using a RegExp) a list of coordinates for the main cities in the USA into Notation3. i.e. Latitudes, longitudes, and information like the names of the cities
sbp: Then, after modifying the math built-ins module for CWM, I was able to perform some calculations on the data, such that I can find the distance between any two cities in America (that are on the list)
sbp: As an example, cwm data.n3 target.n3 --think --filter=distance.n3 > example-out.n3
sbp: In this particular example, CWM found that the distance between Miami and Boston is 1311.43291953 miles. A site I found through Google gives the distance as 1500 miles
sbp: N.B. This demonstration is not runnable with the current version of CWM, unless you add the changes to yourself
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