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last updated at 2001-12-08 21:29
sbp: Sean goes on another tirade about meaning of QNames etc., especially in W3C specifications
sbp: Well, a mild/polite tirade. But important things are broken
tim: "Goto 1" is not a loop, as it is a different URI, more directly grounded each time, until you get to things you know.
danbri: " it build a simple relational algebra processor on top some graph & set primatives"
bijan: Here, in fact. Gadfly (the pure python, in memory, SQL engine) is also built on it. Fun stuff.
bijan: Computing With Logic does the same with Datalog (indeed, the last chapter provide a fairly complete relational query language processor in Prolog; rather useful).
danbri: Cool, looks like a nice eg to learn from
danbri: Use Cases for Meta-Data Interaction
danbri: See also main NeuroGrid site
sbp: Pre-release - quite experimental in that it uses XML RDF + XSLT at the moment to display information about the terms
sbp: The interesting thing is how it uses CWM to keep track of and manage the terms in the namespace/vocabulary. The relevant files are in the swns directory
sbp: This was meant to be a "fix" for what goes at the end of the namespace; XML RDF for the machines (should be served as application/rdf+xml), and a transformation into XHTML for the humans. What could be better?
sbp: To those who doubt this method, swn-get-doc.n3 is a very simple Notation3 rules file that will follow the rdfs:isDefinedBy links on the hub page, and get the documentation for the terms
sbp: Try also: the result. Use: cwm swn-get-doc.n3 --think --purge > result.n3
sbp: stuff.html is a general introduction to some of the files, and what they are supposed to do
sbp: It (and many more indexes like it) should probably be maintained as Notation3, with a Notation3 => XHTML conversion defined!
sbp: done: stuff.n3; but no automatic conversion into XHTML yet
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