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last updated at 2001-12-07 06:22
sbp: Yes, in Notation3. No more XSLT!
sbp: To run it: TARGET=mydoc.n3; cwm rdfstoxhtml.n3 --think --strings > out.html
sbp: Or if you edit the source just a little bit, you can boycott the environment variable
sbp: Try example output for EARL and example output for RDFS
sbp: Note the duplicates... some problem with log:notIncludes
jah-home: a really cool use of rules for translating between formats -- "A must read on every cwm'ers list" - the Daily CWM
DanC: RFE: display labels rather than in-your-face-URIs.
DanC: hmm... seems to do labels in some cases; are the labels just missing from the schemas in the other cases?
sbp: Yes. But it also duplicates, if you look down the list. I want log:notIncludes to handle univars
DanC: does it scrape dc:title, dc:description, that sort of thing, for pretty documentation at the top?
sbp: Yes: dc:title, dc:description, rdfs:seeAlso, and rdfs:comment
DanC: nifty.
DanC: runs as a service?
bijan: This is...sick. But in a good way.
sbp: Aaron might be able to add --string to the list of options on n3tordf
bijan: I count 11, one-letter variables :)
bijan: Er..that comman is is the "comma of dramatic pause", and thus perfectly appropriate in that otherwise odd spot.
bijan: And that "comman" is, well, ok, I give up. It's a typo.
edd: Deadline approaching: 14th December.
edd: I hope to see a good RDF SemWeb representation: traditionally this has been weak in the IDEAlliance/GCA conference series.
edd: Yes, that's a hint.
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