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last updated at 2001-12-05 23:21
dajobe: what I've mostly been working on today
dajobe: new stuff: RELAX NG Schema (Non-norm)
dajobe: plus serialisation notes, more issue updates
dajobe: more work tomorrow; current latest version is CVS revision $1.109$
interpreting P3P as an RDF vocabulary
DanC: I wonder if there's a pile of P3P test policies that I could use to test my grokPolicy.xsl
DanC: hm... P3P developer resources
DanC: phpht. the safezone example looks like not-well-formed XML.
DanC: see also bwm's work-in-progress of 27Nov
DanC: oops... rather bwm's 2Dec stuff
DanC: see also: discussion
DanC: official P3P syntax as an XML Schema
DanC: what does the base= attribute mean on a DATA-GROUP inside an ENTITY?
DanC: or, for that matter, CATEGORIES on DATA in there? or the optional attribute?
DanC: TODO: ask the P3P WG. (i.e. cook up an example; send to their comments list)
DanC: sent a comment about DATA-GROUP in ENTITY
DanC: it's kind of a pain that N3 qnames can't have periods in them.
DanC: P3P-happy sites provides happy test data
dajobe: by Dan Brickley
sbp: Actually, not a serious namespace. It is a test/demonstration for "what goes at the end of an RDF 'namespace'"
sbp: Try viewing it in IE, and then Mozilla. IE shows the source XML, with color highlighting. Mozilla shows the page as XHTML, with working HyperLinks
sbp: The trick? Use abbreviated RDF, and then put some XHTML in as a literal. Mozilla sniffs the namespace, and displays the XHTML
sbp: Heh, the RDF Validator barfs a bit on the huge literal, forgetting to quote the <
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