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last updated at 2001-12-03 17:19
DanC: by Brian McBride Dec 02 2001
DanC: I'd like to see if this model is sufficient to support implementing privacy rules in cwm, similar to APPEL
bwm: err, its wip
DanC: uh-oh... <appel:OTHERWISE>. gonna need careful attention.
sbp: The question "can I merge resources?" brings up the question "how does things with different URIs actually differ"?
sbp: I kinda conclude that we can have classes of things that are identical in set membership, but not necessarily the same classes. Another important point is that the fact that processors can only recognize a finite amount of information at any one point is significant
sbp: s/does/do/
DanC: use-mention-bogosity-alert
DanC: hmm... maybe not
sbp: A very sensible approach to RDF namespaces, IMO
sbp: An anthology of information about CWM, what you need to get to run it, related file and work, and so on
AaronSw: A "How to Download" section would be good, with precise instructions (and even better, a .zip!)
dajobe: good stuff. Some nitpicks: chACLed is jargon; doesn't mention/link EUler; no link to N-Triples :)
em: 10 Bonus points for sbp :) excellent job!
DanC: nifty; contains lots of info that should be moved into the SWAP area
bijan: Very nice job Sean.
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