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last updated at 2001-12-02 09:47
dmiles: A cached page that is not going to be here in a few hours
jah-home: Lockheed-Martin project on linking UML and DAML
jah-home: Funded by DARPA (
jah-home: there's also a little used daml-uml mailing list
jah-home: see DAML visualization mailing list for some info on using UML to graph DAML (and also would work for RDFS)
danb_lurk: Their write raises some interesting [questions about rdf, daml, linking and xlink|
danb_lurk: Their write raises some interesting questions about rdf, daml, linking and xlink
danb_lurk: includes work on mapping between UML and DAML
danb_lurk: Also a DAML API, which should presumably also work for RDF data...
danb_lurk: Would be nice to see an update to this work...
danb_lurk: Note the fancy stuff listed as "RDF Schema" (cardinality etc) was postponed to (what we anticipated as) "RDF Schema 2.0" by the RDF Schema WG (aka WebOnt :-)
danb_lurk: Just a reminder of a neat hack, needs a bit more work but definitely a fun app
danb_lurk: Crap, seems to have vanished. Suppressed by The Man, no doubt.
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