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last updated at 2001-11-24 22:48
bijan: I hope they keep up a straight prolog connection, as well as the Mercury one.
dmiles: Benchmarks for an Inference system not inteneded to get chumped
DanC: Dan Connolly (Thu, Sep 06 2001)
DanC: implemented in (driver program:
DanC_lap: ZopeTalkOutline
DanC_lap: some presentation materials from the linux lunacy geek cruize
DanC_lap: cruise.
DanC_lap: I finally upgraded to a recent Zope release and installed the ZopeWiki product.
DanC_lap: now... how many wiki's do I want there? Wiki's tend to have rather sharp boundaries... sorta closed world.
DanC_lap: its the blessing and the curse of local naming
DanC_lap: well, z2001 on is up and running.
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