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last updated at 2001-11-22 22:29
danbri__: "
danbri__: Interesting piece on the role of SOAP's inbuilt serialization syntax versus use of (xml) schemas
danbri__: using a preview of the Swing port by David Allsopp of Damian Steer's RDFAuthor tool
libby: nice one David!
libby: libby owes david pints. fortunately he lives nearby.
danbri__: Also illustrates something I want to capture in the FOAF documentation: two ways of modeling something: direct relationship to an object with a wellknown URI anchor (schools homepage) versus more explit indirection via the 'thing itself' (typed using Wordnet classes)
danbri__: See also another screenshot of them both running under MacOS X; here's the generated RDF too, exported with the Jena serializer
sbp: Would it be worthwhile spewing out the metadata for the W3C mailing lists as RDF?
DanC: of course, Someday
DanC: meanwhile, the guys who set up the system have precious little time to work on it, among their other responsibilities...
DanC: and deploying changes to a system that archives some 500+ mailing lists for a bzillion users isn't done lightly
DanC: I don't think we have a good regression test suite. 1/2 ;-)
AaronSw: I'm planning to add an adjunct to the archive when filsa finishes his RDF mailing list archives.
AaronSw: And I'm hoping to bug danbri into putting up mboxes
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