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last updated at 2001-11-13 21:18
DanC: Editor: Deborah L. McGuinness
danbri: "RDFAuthor now has the ability to query rdf instance data", From: Damian Steer ( Tue, 13 Nov 2001
danbri: Nearby: RDFAuthor home page and query tutorial
danbri: Indirectly related to SHOE/PARKA stuff
DanC: Datatyping example scenario diagram
DanC: by Sergey Melnik
DanC: along with this datatyping clash diagram; this is great stuff!
DanC: diagram is part of RDF Core WG discussion on datatypes. cf sergey's reply to Pat's mental dump
SethR: looks like a mentograph to me, even uses Venn areas for circles :))
SethR: i mean Venn areas for contexts.
danbri: See also announces Mozilla Calendar project and the Penzilla work on which it is to be based.
DanC: uh-oh... that could cost me a lot of time ;-)
DanC: anybody know if they're using RDF?
danbri: I vaguely remember someone surfacing in rdf-calendar territory lately (or maybe on the Jakarta list), but I think they're sticking closely to IETF iCalendar
DanC: hmm... perhaps a dose of "X- considered harmful" is in order.
dmiles: right on.. CycL with namespaces
em_: This is a great resource (and IRC/chump spoofing is too easy... ;-)
dajobe: no updates since Sep 99
dajobe: dmiles says see RKF now (same players, new name)
danbri: Open Knowledge Base Connectivity (OKBC) is an application programming
danbri: interface for accessing knowledge bases stored in knowledge representation systems (KRSs)
danbri-lap: :It'd be interesting to see this in RDF.
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