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last updated at 2001-11-01 23:49
AaronSw: Doc Searls reports on the Linux Lunacy cruise.
Quality Caching, faceless user agents, etc.
DanC: I'd be fairly happy to have a separate persistence agent; something that would grab important stuff thru the cache every hour, that sort of thing. the persistence agent is the one I'd tell all my preferences to. the proxy can just be a dumb http 1.1 thingy.
AaronSw: : also heads off fositives.
DanC: I [timbl] learned Python by telling IE that I wanted to have available offline all in the Python TOC to one level. But then after a fwe weeks it arbitrarily decided to scratch it, and I was left with no documentation. So I need to be able to control the bookshelf of stuff I keep without using "save as".
DanC: qualify: if I fetch X thru the proxy get back last-modified T, then fetch it again using if-modified-since T, it should pass the if-modified-since to the origin server, and give back a 304 not modified iff the origin server does.
DanC: qualify: if I fetch X thru the proxy at 1pm, then fetch it again at 1:01 pm using max-age 10min, it shouldn't go back to the origin server.
DanC: pointer to archiverProxy, pls, AaronSw?
AaronSw: ArchiverProxy implements some of this functionality but clearly needs to be improved.
DanC: see also: wpk: A Packaging Idea
danbri: XML-dist-app discussion on representation of RDF and XMI within SOAP-encoding (map the models or carry it through in native RDF/XML encoding)
danbri: A collection of books that only exist in other books.
danbri: This should be an interesting resource, providing some representational challanges for folk interested in modeling bibliographic data.
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