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last updated at 2001-10-29 23:35
danbri: Some useful comments on 'data centric' XML apps, where the xml-ness is pretty incidental.
danbri: brief coverage of SOAP too, and .NET etc.
Photo Metadata, Zope, WebDAV
DanC: dajobe suggests davfs for linux
dajobe: davfs for linux seems to do https, caching, proxying
DanC: AaronSw sings the praises of Apple's WebDAV support.
DanC: Zope supports webdav (@@cite details)
AaronSw: Here's a Zope article on Authoring Content with WebDAV and FTP
DanC: esp +CALA for adding alarm (calendar) entried
danbri: Strawman SOAP RDF query interface by danbri, Inkling server by Libby, Java SOAP stuff from Apache Axis project.
danbri: Demo is a tiny Perl script that queries Libby's rdfweb image database and builds an index of all the photos. Pretty crude but hopefully straightforward as a taster for what we could do...
danbri: (Probably best not to hammer the database with lots of test queries at this stage...)
dajobe: "I was able to write an inference engine in Python in just one day" says sbp
bijan: Text generation + annotation + a gallary = coolness
bijan: Well, actually, it's the use of Common Lisp that tips the scale :)
bijan: Oops, this is the second time in the past few days that I've chumped this here.
bijan: Oh well, it's because nobody's given me a lot of money to hire a slew of ILEX hackers to work for me.
bijan: Do so quickly or I'll continue chumping it over and over and over and over....
bijan: Dear god, I'm glad I put these comments on the right item...had a brief sweat about that.
em: Note the Semantic Web Track!
em: CFP for submissions is Nov 13th.
em: Also, WWW2002 is soliciting for submissions of potential panels. Guidelines for panel proposals are also availiable.
em: And finally :) There will also be a Semantic Web Developers Day track. Unfortunatly, very little information is availiable at this time. This is a good opportunity to geek with other Semantic Web / RDF Developers.
em: If you are interested in participating in the Semantic Web Developers Day, please send me, title, author and detailed abstract of how your work fits in with the Semantic Web.
AaronSw: Which hasn't yet been updated, it seems...
jhendler: for more info on Web Ont. Page will be updated in next few days as we get things going.
jhendler: Members of W3C can see official announcement, rest of you will need to take my word for it :->
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