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last updated at 2001-10-27 21:15
danbri: Ahmad Abualsamid
RDBMS as RDF store, thoughts?
bijan: Just wondering about this last night, for no particular reason.
bijan: Yes, alright, there was a particular reason. I was reading Maier & Warren's Computing with Logic, in particular the chapter on Datalog and the implementation of the relational algebra in it.
bijan: Which got me thinking about RDF stores, at least very simple ones.
bijan: And bugger, I was going to develop my design, but the Spirt of Aaron bit me on the nose and I went to the font of google.
bijan: There, I spied Storing RDF in a relational database, which, I guess, I shall have to read instead of continuing on this under-researched pontification :)
bijan: Someone please give me a lot of money to hire a slew of ILEX hackers to work for me. Thanks.
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