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last updated at 2001-10-26 20:56
kendall: This is very nifty stuff.
kendall: example: text `o` children `o` tag "title"
kendall: returns the plain-text children of the current element, if it is <title>
kendall: sweet
SethR: "call it all rdf and be done with it"
SethR: quoting DanB "So when I say "all DAML+OIL instance data is RDF data", I mean
SethR: (colloqially) that it has basically the same cartoon worldview: of objects
SethR: identifiable by URIs, having URI-named classes and URI-named relationships
SethR: to one another.
SethR: SethR: or to put it differently "a rose any other name is still a rose"
sbp: "please, please ... let's not cut its balls off !!!" says Seth
SethR: R.V. Guha strikes again
SethR: looks like a great web interface to a RDF store
SethR: great thing about it is that it's human readable ... and shows some kind of context in the left panel
SethR: The white paper
SethR: The top of the ontology
SethR: shows both subClassOf and subClasses - explicit climb up or climb down :)
danja: Can it answer a simple (in domain) question though? -
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