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last updated at 2001-10-25 21:03
timbl: An attempt to explain why it important for you and your company.
timbl: Draft
sbp: Great quote: "For data, we are still pre-Web."
sat: For EAI, exchanging RDF documents may not be very attractive, given performance concerns. Typically they convert XML to propritory format at adapters and then send it to broker.
danb-lap: Joel (ex-ILRT hacker) sent me this a couple years ago, I never really investigated. Something like a Java version of GraphViz?
sbp: Eek, it's true. I get a page with the heading "Attention: Web Browser Upgrade Required to View
dajobe: "All of our development work for the new is...W3C standard," ""For browsers that we know don't support those standards or that we can't insure will get a great experience for the customer, we do serve up a page that suggests that they upgrade to an IE browser that does support the" standard"
dajobe: apalling isn't it?
sbp: Heh, and they say that they're W3C standards complaint? Their page doesn't validate, and it doesn't follow WCAG
sbp: s/complaint/compliant/
SethR: by my sister :)
AaronSw: Some very interesting uses of P2P, hashes, URN, URN resolution and HTTP
SethR: seems close to what i was proposing for SWAG
SethR: first time you use it you need to select an ontology ... select Merge
SethR: Suggestion for a democratic dictionary to SUO and to SWAG
sandro: trying to write down some of what we've been talking about
timbl: Reviewed by timbl 13:06 BST
timbl-lap: dc:creator [ con:mailbox <> ].
bijan: Er...nothing to do with RDF.
bijan: Except that it mentions my Functional Programming and XML article, and I do a bit of RDF.
bijan: Oh and Edd writes for developerWorks...I think. And I found out about it from the xmlhack list and xmlhack hosts the scratchpad.
bijan: Er...I must be feeling a wee bit insecure or something.
bijan: Hey! He's a philosopher too!
bijan: From his CV: Title of Dissertation: The Speculum and The Scalpel: The Politics of Impotent Representation and Nonrepresentational Terrorism
bijan: Er..that's not what my dissertation is about, in case anyone is wondering.
bijan: Writes a lot about Python. A lot.
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