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last updated at 2001-10-19 23:27
bijan: Because some things you can never chump enough.
AaronSw: Passes simple testcase
danbri: ...because I liked the word 'striped'
AaronSw: Of course people will get really confused when they hit parseType="Resource"...
danbri: Yeah, but most of the time they won't. The exceptions (when you know to watch out for them) illustrate the guiding rule.
danbri: Same goes for rdf:Description. It's pretty redundant since we could just have a typedNode called Resource.
AaronSw: Yeah, I always wished that it was outlawed in deference of rdfs:Resouce
danbri: I'm doing this as part of my investigation into SOAP as an XML edge-labeled graph syntax. I wanted something to show to SOAP folks that would help them read some basic RDF examples.
timbl-lap: weris
sandro: could use a circles-and-arrows diagram
DanC: this would make good primer material, after cutting the historical stuff out.
danbri: Yeah, I left that in to justify my interest in the word 'striped' :)
danbri: I've just committed a working copy to and added an image. Feel free to hack away at it.
danbri: I've updated it some more shrinking the image to fit, adding example triple dumps (incl. ntriples) and de-chattified the intro, removing a bunch of the 1st person stuff.
SethR: | Foundations for Ontology
SethR: see Signs, Processes, and Language Games
DanC: Semantic Web Development, summary of MIT DAML project, 2001
DanC: I transcribed it into rdf/n3
DanC: anybody wanna see if the resulting how/why diagram makes sense?
DanC: crud... some pieces aren't showing up in this version of the diagram...
danbri: "There has been growing interest in the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and a number of tools and libraries have been developed for processing it. This article describes one such library, Jena, a Java API for processing RDF"
danbri: See also MCF/XML Spec, which introduces domain and range quite nicely.
danbri: And the old MCF white paper: here's a hacked version with s/MCF/RDF/ for curiousity' sake...
SethR: ! Conzilla ... a sembrowser ... isa combination of context/concept/content and Mozilla
em: This project is a multi-staged effort to scope, specify, architect and implement
em: an RDF-based metadata infrastructure for JXTA.
SethR: reads like the Scintific American article on semantic web ... but looks like its closer to workable
SethR: also looks strangely like a sembrowser :)
em: We hope to make Edutella a fundamental part of the central JXTA services, such as JXTA Search. Enabling RDF searches within JXTA have clear benefits for the whole JXTA project, and they have shown great interest in Edutella.
em: In this paper, we propose a declarative language suitable for querying
em: This document is a tutorial for the RDF Query Language RQL, as it is supported by Sesame. It shows how to create basic queries and gives some tips on how to create your own slightly more complex queries.
DanC: does sesame grok xml:lang? i.e. can you query for the french labels in the RDFS schema for RDFS?
DanC: the raw raw data
DanC: about the openwine project
DanC: let's see what cwm thinks of the data...
sandro: compare/contrast/relate to
DanC: i.e. a daml wine ontology
DanC: phtpht. xml.sax._exceptions.SAXParseException: <unknown>:3:0: xml processing instruction not at start of external entity
DanC: cwm finds no data in there cuz there's no rdf:RDF tag.
em: notes there is no default namespace declared, yet default classes, properties are defined
DanC: this wine data isn't quite in real RDF syntax. Any volunteers to tutor them?
DanC: figured out their data had just a few problems. sent them an explanation and diffs
DanC: Edd, this is just plain childish: "For those in the community interested in donating aid to multi-million dollar corporations, instructions for contributing are on the W3C's web site."
danbri: For comparison with RDF datatyping discussions
danbri: "Many languages allow accessors that can polymorphically access values of several types, each type being available at run time. A polymorphic accessor instance MUST contain an xsi:type attribute that describes the type of the actual value."
danbri: "For example, a polymorphic accessor named "cost" with a value of type "xsd:float" would be encoded as follows [...]"
danbri: It isn't clear how the "value type" of a SOAP accessor (edge-label / property) is declared. Using XML Schema?
danbri: A handy technology overview, referenced from the Jigsaw WebDAV page
dajobe: More WebDAV resources including apache module, neon C library, cadaver ftp-like client
DanC: fixed missing bubbles. damlK535.svg is at 1.2 now
danbri: Time for a test suite, I reckon...
danbri: See also semanticweb-southwest mail archives for Bristolians discussion syntax convergence issues.
danbri: If he's got a decent Perl parser for RDQL/Squish, that'll come in handy for my Algae and RDFdb wrappers
danbri: Hmm, I could also use this as an alternative backend to my current (Perl) SOAP service, which at moment uses EricP's Algae/Perllib system.
danbri: "Columnist Kevin Williams takes a look at the pros and cons of using a native XML database to store structured information. He outlines the most common requirements for working with structured data and discusses how well native XML databases can cope with them."
danbri: Wisely concludes: "don't throw away your relational database just yet!"
AaronSw: Quotes danbri and DanC from an interview here earlier.
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