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last updated at 2001-10-12 16:14
shellac: written in java, using jena for exports
shellac: has simple drag and drop interface, and allows schemas to be imported
shellac: written in java. Original idea: libby miller. Written by libby and damian
shellac: at some point it will have a swing interface - if we find a decent tool
shellac: screenshot
shellac: source code will be released real soon now
shellac: screenshot +
shellac: screenshot + RDFAuthor screenshot
AaronSw: Cool! Nice work... some suggestions...
AaronSw: The "Add" interface might make more sense to Mac users if the standard "pointer/circle/square" toolbar system was used.
AaronSw: floating info window is sort of annoying to use to name things -- be better if you could click and label
AaronSw: Save as and export as items could be combined, since they don't seem to do anything special...
AaronSw: literals might want to be a different color/shape
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