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last updated at 2001-10-11 23:57
AaronSw: """KARMA uses innovative, proprietary algorithms to move popular information and network resources closer to demand in a dynamic and emergent way. KARMA products enable PC, mobile, and Web-service applications to tap into a global pool of addressable resources."""
AaronSw: A commercial servicce from the creator of Freenet
AaronSw: Fron Nicholas Petreley, Open Source Columnist
AaronSw: Heheh: """Ontologies are Web pages that contain a mystical unifying force that gives differing labels common meaning, even when crossing international language boundaries. We empower these pages by holding hands during each vernal equinox while we sing "Kumbaya.""""
AaronSw: Someone should write a response explaining to Nick about the Web of Trust.
DanC: another one to read up on...
DanC: by Wolfgang May
azaroth: EU Proposal for mapping Digital Library resources in RDF for use in the Semantic Web. Comments to (azaroth on #rdfig)
em: Excellent work azaroth! :)
Projects to get meaning (like RDF) from XML
AaronSw: [Instant RDF: just add translation!] from Aaron Swartz
AaronSw: Oops... Instant RDF (that's quite old, BTW)
AaronSw: Meaning Definition Language from Charteris
AaronSw: Blindfold Grammars from Sandro Hawke
AaronSw: Extracting statements from XML from Mark Nottingham
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