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last updated at 2001-10-08 23:05
sbp: Some general tools for parsing, querying and handling RDF
sbp: SWIPT.query is especially neat - an RDF query engine
sbp: in Python (of course!)
AaronSw: """Syncasaurus is a crossplatform bookmark synchronizer. It will watch your various bookmark files and synchronize them natively amongst multiple computers and browsers."""
AaronSw: DanC, this looks like what you were asking for.
AaronSw: Should be out November 1st.
Morbus: There's a rough design doc sitting in the CVS under docs/
AaronSw: From our very own Morbus! Here's his design doc
AaronSw: We should infiltrate XBEL and get them to use RDF ;-)
dajobe: (unreadably small on my mozilla; badly formated on Netscape, what a choice!)
dajobe: authors include Danny Ayers, danja in this forum
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