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last updated at 2001-10-06 23:33
sbp: see below
sbp: s/_:x/?x/, even
sbp: This is a query engine built on top of the newly modularized SWIPT RDF tool. It gagues whether one graph is entailed within another (er... I think), and if so outputs the result.
sbp: A day's worth of Semantic Web hacking
sbp: Inspired by Libby's EARL query demo, where I noticed that Guha's QL is really just like NTriples...
sbp: e.g. Guha's exmaple of "select ?x ?y from dmoz where (title ?x ?y), (createdBy ?x RichSkrenta), (type ?x Topic)" appears to me to be synonymous with "select _:x _:y from dmoz where '_:x :title _:y .', '_:x :createdBy :RichSkrenta .', '_:x :type :Topic'". Or are they universal variables?
sbp: Crap, they're universal... { ?x :title ?y . ?x :createdBy :RichSkrenta . ?x :type :Topic } log:implies { _:x :is ?x . _:y :is ?y } .
sbp: Thankfully, it's a very easy fix :-)
sbp: Universally quantified variables for RDF 2.0!
AaronSw: Does it support the rdf entailment axioms (term?) in the Model Theory?
danja: chumped to add my comments :
danja: idea was blatant in the spec
danja: and I've spent hours on a Swing version of it
danja: timing!
danja: (maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it to libby ;-)
AaronSw: When do we get the software? I want to play with it!
danja: by Philip Wadler
danja: now defunct operation (apart from the still-good 'talk' list)
danja: moderated AI lists (one for papers, one for jobs etc), archived
danja: CRS (Computists' Research Software) probably most interest here
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