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last updated at 2001-10-05 16:33
danbri: Neato :)
shellac: Screen shot of authring tool
danbri: Feature creep time! Can I have a 3d version please? And one which plays MP3s when the node is a song...? And a version for doing graphical RDF Query authoring...?
danbri: And a linux/Windows GNUStep port?
libby: libby has an ugly, feature-free java version :(
libby: awt is too hard
libby: port to pure java!
danbri: Or maybe I'll have to go buy a Mac now! The evidence mounts that this would be a sane thing to do...
shellac: Allows importing of schmas
shellac: build up rdf graphs using drag and drog
libby: basic idea is to author rdf instance data visually, right?
shellac: or schemas - I think you mentioned
shellac: drop - drag and drop dammit
shellac: All content (ie not properties or classes) was dragged from the homepages displayed in a browser
shellac: properties and classes dragged into position afterwards
shellac: took 1 minute
shellac: RDFAuthor is an idea of Libby Miller's
shellac: to create a tool which allows monkeys (or above) to create RDF instance data
danbri: And the idea of using it for query authoring I nicked off the SHOE project :)
shellac: Ignore Dan - he loves feature bloat ;-)
shellac: Querying will be added later
shellac: written using Java and Mac OS X Cocoa API
shellac: which is far easier than swing
AaronSw: Cool! Now just wait until the Python binding comes out... then you will really have to buy a Mac! ;-)
AaronSw: Python OSA + AppleScript Studio = Yummy GUI Goodness! Yes!
sat1: how does this compare with RDF?.
danbri: Ours is better. Next question.
danbri: Seriously, I don't know. Haven't investigated it... (sooo many specs to read...)
DanC: there's a "formal UML" faction... I have a paper by one of them...
DanC: this paper by Clark and Evans is helping me understand UML, somewhat
DanC: ah... not formal UML, but precise UML
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