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last updated at 2001-10-04 23:58
AaronSw: Taken at Quantum Books in Cambridge, MA (I'm too cheap to actually buy it!)
sbp: Heh, heh, heh
danb_home: Henrik just pointed me at this; chumped so I can find it again later
sat1: although SOAP-RP isn't being discussed much at all these days. I wonder why
AaronSw: Hmm, gotdotnet... I've always been a bit afraid of their logo: gotdotnet logo... looks as if Microsoft holds the One Spec That Binds Them All ;)
Cmsc498x: several other classes also invited to use it (one from Lehigh already onboard)
Cmsc498x: check out "brainstorming" and consider adding comments or pointers...
Cmsc498x: (emacs mode for N3 a winner!)
AaronSw: Clay Shirky hits the Web Services hype on the head, and manages to be funny at the same time.
AaronSw: """By using a limited and pre-defined set of methods (GET, POST, and so on) and tags (basic HTML), the Web achieved interoperability between arbitrary clients and servers the same way the stock quote examples do: by defining the data set in advance and by ensuring that all parties adhered to it. [...] The very extensibility of XML means that this sort of coordination can never exist in the Web Services world as a whole, and it can only exist in
AaronSw: smaller domains where all parties agree in advance to a common set of semantics."""
danb_home: From Edd
danb_home: For archival and hacking...
danb_home: XML source files only (see chump src code for XSLT for RSS/HTML output)
danb_home: See this quick list of all posted URLs I just extracted
danb_home: 1208 URLs posted :)
danb_home: Not neccessarily unique. Some have been plugged several times...
bijan: For which, I, Bijan, write a column (Squeak Tweaks) and do the monthly mailing list summaries.
bijan: HTML versions of some articles forthcoming on the site.
bijan: "Lisp Intelligent Software Agents - is a production rule system for Common Lisp. Its purpose is to provide extensive support for the development of intelligent applications."
bijan: "LISA employs a CLOS implementation of Rete and is based on CLIPS and JESS."
bijan: I'd be interested in hearing from anyone using this with RDF.
dajobe: "Web Services built by iA SmartCode are SOAP-compliant and take full advantage of XML, RDF, and J2EE(TM).
ArtB: IA SmartCode: "The World's First RDF Internet Framework"
DanC: wow... that's a lot of buzzwords. Some of them rarely seen together ;-)
AaronSw: Any feedback is appreciated
DanC: how big is it?
DanC: 21500 KB, per ftp dialog
AaronSw: uncompressed it's 138173716 bytes... eek!
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