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last updated at 2001-10-03 16:57
filsa: Macworld Best of show points to Adobe's XMP
filsa: "Adobe Systems' XMP. Electronic information can be created and transmitted with little effort; finding a system to organize that information is considerably harder. Adobe's solution is XMP, a technology based on the Rich Data Format flavor of XML. "
danbrizzz: Handles news item notifications for the #mozilla channel (by RSS?)
danbrizzz: Can't see much by way of documentation though. Written in Perl, has an "RDF" which is really a Perl-based hackparser for RSS.
danbrizzz: Not an XML parser in sight; code commented: "someone write a real XML version of this pleeeeease..."
danbrizzz: I found some documentation on the bot modulules api though. And a better URL for browsing the source.
DanC: hmm... maybe I should make more noise about my trivial RDF parser in perl...
DanC: i.e. in palmagent ... let's see if it's worth recommending...
DanC: has some serious limitations (e.g. "I don't grok anonymous nodes nor rdf:ID") but it dies loudly rather than failing silently when you meet them.
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