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last updated at 2001-10-02 22:17
sat: is aspect similar to property?.
DanC: added n-triples output support to rdfp.xsl
danbri: XSLTC is an XSLT stylesheet compiler, based on TransforMiix. XSLTC takes as input an XSLT stylesheet, and generates C++ code. The executable generated from this code is expected to behave the same as the source stylesheet when run through an XSL processor
DanC: combined with RDF syntax in RELAX-NG should be a handy way to specify RDF syntax->triples mapping
DanC: see also earlier RDF/relax-ng musings
dajobe: that would be RDF
dajobe: XMP overview
dajobe: (I get annoying "To view these pages properly your browser needs to support Javascript" moans from these pages. Yawn, my browser does)
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