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last updated at 2001-09-28 22:25
sat: TBL on URI, SW..small article
AaronSw: "I complained about how useless most AI work seems. As an example, I mentioned RDF in particular as one case. I said, "It's just first order predicate calculus as a graph." I mentioned I'd said as much to Guha once at Netscape. And afterwards I heard Guha describe it in those terms."
AaronSw: "RDF and the semantic web are about managing the internet. It's a stupid idea. The internet doesn't want to be managed. [...] Any rationalization goal is really a boil the ocean strategy. After you boil all the life out of the internet, it will be dead. Maybe you can sell the carcass afterward to art collectors."
AaronSw: Here's a good place to respond
sat: I am not sure if its worth responding to.
AaronSw: McCusker worked on RDF for the Mozilla project, OpenDoc at Apple before that, is a good writer and coder, and just generally smart. I think his words are at least worth listening too. I'm still unsure how to respond.
AaronSw: """Because of its own successful campaign against water, The Olive Garden® has recently sent a powerful message to the entire restaurant industry - less water and more beverage choices mean happier customers."""
AaronSw: "The Olive Garden asked Coca-Cola USA-Fountain (CCUSA-Fountain) to help them create their beverage plan. CCUSA-Fountain stepped up to the plate and suggested a tap water reduction program named H2NO."
AaronSw: From the multinational-corporations-say-the-darndest-things dept.
AaronSw: Coke took the site down after it was found by webloggers (2) -- good thing someone archived the pages: 1 2
danbri_: Wow, I thought this was an April Fool's joke or something. This really happened?
AaronSw: Yep, Coke really had this on their website. Can you believe it?
danbri_: Towards an rdfweb/foaf companion to
danbri_: Todo: write a schema. Make fc:name a subPropertyOf foaf:name, but a daml:UniqueProperty (ie. the spelling of these names are controlled to be uniquely identifying within FOAF-Corp apps).
danbri_: Todo: write a "generate a template schema given some instance data" gadget
danbri_: Todo: Write up the "why SVG might be more useful than Flash for visualising this data" story
danbri_: Todo: Get this looking more baked then get in touch with theyrule folks
danbri_: First steps?: Show this data being reasoned about in CWM... ("find me paths between Pepsi and Coca-Cola?")
danbri_: Nearby: RDFWeb notebook: aggregation strategies shows CWM rules for identifying individuals based on their properties (name/email/etc).
AaronSw: I took a first pass at it with CWM
danbri_: For another day, depictions and more depictions.
danbri_: Nice work Aaron :)
dajobe: Where is the RDF? (RDF/XML that is)
dajobe: or even the RDF/N3 ?
DanC: cf clark's RDF syntax in RELAX NG
DanC: I'm thinking of doing a yapps rendition of RELAX NG's non-XML syntax
DanC: can't seem to left-factor the foo-bar construct
DanC: which is used in Clark's rendition of RDF grammar.
DanC: relaxNG.g almost works, but not quite. I can't quite left-factor some of the grammar rules.
DanC: it's working now, as of relaxNG.g,v 1.2 2001/09/28 23:35:55
danbri_: I want this dataset!
AaronSw: Whee, fun with graphs!
danbri_: This is crying out for SVG... Well, it's the "RDF meets SVG Org Charts scenario" with a political slant, really. "Where Org Charts Collide"...
danbri_: Nearby data sources: opensecrets and Who Owns What; theyrule discussion group.
AaronSw: +[Ultra Concentrated Media: Top Selling Brands]
AaronSw: Ultra Concentrated Media: Top Selling Brands
AaronSw: More data: Bestriding the World
danbri_: A SOSIG search on ethical business throws up some more context.
AaronSw: Campaign Finance Information Center "offers ready-to-analyze campaign finance data from several states. In each case, the CFIC staff has worked with the data, cleaned it and processed so it's easier for reporters to use. Depending on the state, the data will come in one large table or could be broken down into several tables."
danbri_: Another coroperate visualisation chart from the theyrule mail archive: Understanding USA, mergers chart (semi-legible)
AaronSw: I prefer the spider chart from Nigel Holmes
DanC: it's working now, by the way
DanC: oops.. annotated the wrong item...
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