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last updated at 2001-09-26 20:31
filsa: a screen-scraping syndication tool, Smartcode is used by AOL to syndicate content from, other sites
filsa: I had a long talk with some of their technical folks back in May.
AaronSw: """What we do is use RDF graphs as application models. Every node is exposed to the outside world via a URL and one of its properties is always a default processing agent. What you get is the ability to rapidly construct applications - build an RDF graph, associate nodes with processing agents, and you have an application. """
filsa: the sad thing about their product--it meets a need created by the lack of real-world metadata use.
AaronSw: Sean says: "I had a chat with one of their guys a while ago... their press people were spewing out a ton of crap, but it seems that the architects involved really know their stuff"
filsa: (rdf and metadata need more evangelism before we get to more real world use--but folks here know that)
AaronSw: I don't know -- we certainly have real-world use today. It's just not as widespread as we might like.
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