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last updated at 2001-09-25 21:20
AaronSw: Woohoo!
DanC: W3C Working Draft 25 September 2001
DanC: hmm... I wonder how many of the RDF issues are addressed by this thing?
jhendler: a project to translate XML (DTDs included) to DAML (and thus RDF)
jhendler: I havent' been able to check it out personally, would be interesting to see how
jhendler: it does.
jhendler: * The relationship between the XML to DAML translator and ontology translation/mapping tools is as follows: The intent is to decouple the process of XML to DAML translation from the process of DAML ontology translation/mapping. The two processes can be combined by piping the results of XML to DAML translation into DAML ontology translation/mapping. Each XML schema/DTD gets its own new DAML ontology that is then mapped to existing DAML ontologie
AaronSw: Links to: """WC3 ‹ The SOAP specification as posted by the WC3 standards organization""" ;-)
AaronSw: """Web Services applications communicate using XML-based protocols, such as XML-RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). These protocols are standards supported and defined by the WC3, an Internet standards organization."""
AaronSw: Perl, Shell and AppleScript scripts are all accessible from a Script Menu in your menu bar
AaronSw: This menu bar provides access to such great Internet services as "Convert Dollar Amounts to Text, Reverse Area Code Lookup, Barnes & Noble Price Check and Translate English Phrase to French."
JosD: It all started in 1987 or so with a Prolog implementation
JosD: but we were not glad with the cut and the infinite
JosD: It started with baby "steps" along the graph edges, and
JosD: when we stepped in our previous steps we had something
JosD: like Euler found in the 1700's and that is basically
JosD: the "inference loop" detection.
JosD: But the basic concept is still like the Robinson
JosD: resolution algorithm (1965), although bNodes are
JosD: a wonderfull thing and we kind of brought them in
JosD: in the eval and unify method.
JosD: ...and the infinite loops and so, and then came RDF. It was love at first sight!
sbp: An excellent use case for RDF and Semantic Web technologies
AaronSw: Almost like schemas, eh?
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