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last updated at 2001-09-17 20:02
AaronSw: "Two decadeds in the making from scientist and creator of Mathematica Stephen Worlfram comes a landmark in the history of science."
AaronSw: In an interview he describes how he's replacing traditional science equations with simple computer programs. Perhaps we can write the programs in RDF? ;-)
AaronSw: Many are skeptical of Wolfram's grandiose claims. I withhold judgement until publication.
AaronSw: From the other-people-who-claim-to-be-revolutionizing-the-planet dept.
AaronSw: And don't forget that Stephen Wolfram's intials are SW! :-)
em: notes that ralph took this picture during the presentation
AaronSw: Hmm, I wonder what em was saying in this picture. Looks like he's wagging his finger and making some futuristic prediction, like "This is going to be the future of the Web!"
AaronSw: Uses RDF to export music metadata to FreeAmp users (and others)
sbp: From the overview, "This document is designed as being a simple but comprehensive introductory publication for anybody trying to get into the Semantic Web: from beginners through to long time hackers."
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